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Unleash the Power of Policy

As innovative finance is becoming increasingly core to development programs, many government actors are questioning how their financing strategies can support the full intent of their policy objectives. Criterion equips government bodies and advocacy groups to utilize existing social policies to raise the bar for innovative finance initiatives.

The Goal: Government agencies use their power to align their innovative finance programs with the boldest ambitions of their social and gender policies and, through that influence, increase what is expected of organizations using finance to increase gender equality and social justice. 

Criterion partners with donor agencies, multilateral agencies, national and sub national government agencies and works at the intersection of innovative finance programming and implementation of social policies.

We steward long-term relationships with those who are willing to use their power and influence to drive higher standards in the implementation of policies.

We expand the imagination of governments to see how they can use their power to influence improve outcomes in both private and public finance. We demonstrate that more is possible and provide guidance on how to achieve it. Finally, through sustained relationships within government agencies we track the shifting political economies and understand what is needed to foster a will to act.  

The initial focus will leverage the momentum behind strong gender policies being implemented around the world before expanding to incorporate a broader range of social policies. Our work to have governments implement a global system of stand.

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