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Value the Future of Equality

A paradigm shift is underway that is radically changing how investment risk is understood and analyzed.  It is imperative that, within that shift, inequality and the social issues that contribute to it are seen and valued as systemic risks. Criterion is working on a globally recognized investment methodology that  does just that.

The Goal: Investors assign value in their investments today  through a methodology that recognizes a future where social change organizations have achieved social justice and gender equality.  

Investing based on Environmental Social Governance (ESG) indicators has gained unprecedented traction, yet the “S” in ESG remains ambiguous, thus difficult for investors to measure and impact.

A methodology for valuing the future of equality will define and analyze social issues as they relate to investments. Such a methodology will make it possible for investors to place bets on a more just and more equitable future, while making it risky to not solve the challenges of today that would keep us from achieving that future.

There is a general assumption that the inequities and injustices facing us today are intractable. This  is part of the problem and cedes too much power to those defending the status quo. We need to  envision a future that truly does work for all and design investment strategies that will help us achieve it. Criterion’s methodology will analyze a future in which the arc of history truly does bend toward justice.

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