December 15, 2020

Criterion Institute, in partnership with Christian Super, has developed a framework for how gender-based violence poses an investment risk—and a draft tool for assessing the investment risk to public equity portfolios as a result of gender-based violence. Our research on how to track the investment risk of gender-based violence led us to a novel conclusion: there are underexplored links between culture change and market risk that could markedly change how investors of all types assess market risk. As culture changes, perceptions of what is acceptable change, and other changes follow: laws, regulations, public attention, funding for advocacy and activism, and calls for change. This report lays out the research rationale, the links between culture change and market risk, a draft tool with indicators and data sources, and a path forward for how to develop a rigorous methodology to assess the current and future investment risks of gender-based violence across sectors and geographies. We invite investors and social change actors to read our findings and create paths forward together on crucial this research.

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