October 29, 2012


The momentum around gender lens investing is palpable right now. Interest has been piqued and investors are itching to move money with a gender lens – to invest through vehicles that enable investment capital to have a positive impact on the lives of women and girls.

Whether you start from the perspective of Nicolas Kristoff who says “gender inequality is the biggest human rights crisis of our time,” or from the perspective of Goldman Sachs who sites a gender dividend, you end up in the same place – A gender lens in investing marks a huge opportunity.

The Calvert Foundation and Root Capital have each recently taken the pioneering step of launching a women-focused initiative to incorporate a gender lens into their investment vehicles.

Each also agreed to join us for a panel discussion in May of 2012 to discuss this experience. We were thrilled to host a panel moderated by Jackie VanderBrug that featured:

  • Catherine Gill – Vice President of Investor Relations, Root Capital on Women in Agriculture
  • Margot Kane – Strategic Initiatives Officer, Calvert Foundation on the WIN-WIN Initiative

We invite you to listen to the recording of this incredible panel (below). Please note that conversation starts at minute 7.

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