March 11, 2019

Swapping stories is how we make friends. It is also how we learn from one another and build community. Hearing stories about what others have done often gives us courage and confidence to try something new.We have put together a collection of these stories that you can access by clicking here - You can use the experience of this circle of friends to get new ideas for your group or to figure out things that you’ve wondered about. Use it to introduce members of your congregation to the 1K Churches movement and to invite them to join you.In return, we invite you to share your stories with us, so that we can share them with the 1K Churches community. Everyone loves an encouraging story about the times when it all comes together just right. We often learn more when people are open about a problem they encountered and how they handled it. We are eager to hear more stories about how your members or your congregation as a whole have been affected. What was your unique experience of 1K Churches? What changed for you as you studied about God’s economy in scripture, put those understandings into practice by supporting a small business with a loan and love, and reflected on your action in light of your faith?Let’s swap stories! Send your story or your story idea by connecting with us here -

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