February 24, 2023

A feminist financial imagination is a solutions-oriented mindset that facilitates the formation of new ideas, visioning of alternate futures, and uncovering of possibilities that would ensure the power and tools of financial systems are channeled toward advancing gender equality and justice in transformative ways. Our latest publication, “Fostering a Feminist Financial Imagination: A Radical Conversation about Finance, Feminist Futures, and Transformative Change,” explores this concept in depth, offering strategies and recommendations for how to foster a feminist financial imagination and bring new possibilities to life. The publication, supported by Wallace Global Fund, is intended primarily for investors, feminist organizations, and the foundations and donor agencies that support them.   Drawing on examples of initiatives already underway at the intersection of feminism and finance, this publication provides guidance on how the power of finance can be leveraged to create feminist, just, and human rights-based solutions to current global challenges.  


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