March 31, 2021

This framework will act as a guide to pre-emptively consider how a proposed program or project might be shaped by, impact upon, or meet the different needs of women, men, and gender diverse people. It will guide you through a series of simple steps as you scope and develop your programs and activities. Gender analysis is not a separate process for program design teams to undertake but rather is an integral approach in the design process to understand and solve problems.

The aims of this framework are:

• Provide a simple process for you to build an understanding of how gender impacts the design and outcome of your team’s programs and activities.

• Build your understanding of how issues of gender, cultural identity, age, disability, sexual identity or preference or religion shape the problems that programs and activities aim to address.

• Encourage your critical reflection on how a program or activity might have different impacts or lead to different outcomes for people of different genders

• Provide a series of tools and questions, for you to reflect upon and analyze how a proposed program or activity might better consider the needs of people of all genders

• Provide tools for how to engage Women’s Rights Organizations and/or other gender experts in context to support the gender analysis needs of program design

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