December 9, 2021

This innovative GBV Risk Score methodology and tool, created in partnership with Equilo and with support from UNICEF, enables investors to more accurately assess the risk gender-based violence (GBV) poses to their investments and to identify strategies that both mitigate the risks and make an impact on GBV on the ground.

As Criterion has written, gender-based violence poses multiple risks—operational, regulatory, reputational, and political—to investments of all types. GBV is complex and investors often cite a lack of clarity about what data exist and how to use those data in their work. This brand-new GBV Risk Score tool provides a solution. The tool is dynamic, powered by real-time data on GBV from a multitude of sources. It enables financing institutions and governments to understand the materiality of GBV to their investments, including the level and types of GBV risk in any given country. The accompanying methodology laid out in this paper helps users understand the severity and potential consequences of the risk and offers advice on risk mitigation, harm reduction, and proactive strategies to address GBV.

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