February 12, 2024

This document outlines a transformative approach for gender lens investing in finance, addressing power imbalances and embedding gender considerations into financial analyses and investment decisions. It emphasizes principles of integrity, accountability, inclusion, and action, advocating for the recognition and disruption of existing power dynamics to foster equitable financial practices. This initiative aims to encourage a shift towards responsible and inclusive financial practices, providing stakeholders with tools and metrics to evaluate investments' impacts on gender equality and promote sustainable, equitable growth.

The "Gender Lens Investing" champions a holistic approach towards integrating gender equality into financial systems, underpinning the belief that finance can and should be a force for social good. It calls for a paradigm shift in how investments are analyzed, prioritized, and executed, with a clear focus on dismantling gender disparities. This initiative not only proposes a framework for actionable change but also highlights the vital role of finance in driving societal progress. As such, it paves the way for creating more inclusive economic environments, where investments actively contribute to gender equity and empowerment.

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