August 31, 2022

Following four years of engagement with Grand Challenges Canada, an initiative funded by the Canadian government, Criterion is excited to share insights and learning in "Implementing Grand Challenges Canada's Gender Strategy.” The white paper demonstrates how a thorough gender analysis—one that documents patterns in how gender and its relationship with other factors like race, ethnicity, age and disability play out in a specific context—can be integrated into all stages of the investment process to increase a fund’s impact on gender equality.

While many fund managers have already been convinced of why gender strategies are important, this white paper serves as a guide to equip them with tangible methods for how these strategies can be effectively developed and implemented.

“In order for us to achieve the results we want, issues of decision making power, access to resources and the value of women and a woman’s life has to be part of the equation.”

Criterion spoke with Grand Challenges Canada last year about their gender strategy and what they have learned about integrating gender into their financial analysis and investment decisions. “If we are now thinking about gender and investments that are more holistic than they were in the past, then we have the possibility to be more intentional and to have more success.”

We invite you to learn more about what is possible in investing with a gender lens by reading the white paper here:

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