May 23, 2023

Child lens investing is an emerging field that intentionally integrates considerations of child rights and wellbeing into investment processes. Building this field is critical to addressing the roots of injustice and gender inequality and providing a much-needed pathway to peace, social cohesion, and sustainable development for generations to come. Our latest publication, “Investing in the Future of Children: A Field Building Report,” explores how to build a field that unlocks the power of finance to create a future that has been innovated for and with children. The publication highlights the principles needed for a radically inclusive approach to building the field of child lens investing that analyzes and challenges power dynamics in the activities and processes.   This report is an open invitation to join the conversation and create the field: for those already working on these issues to share their experience, for philanthropic foundations as grantmakers and investors for social change, as activists and implementers, for policymakers, for investors of different stripes, and many others. It is an invitation to interested individuals and organizations to find their place in and actively help us shape the emerging field of child lens investing.


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