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This set of Standards of Practice on Translation is part of Criterion Institute’s broader work to analyze and shift power in the field of finance. Since helping to found the field of gender lens investing 15 years ago, Criterion has been advocating for the field to incorporate deeper analyses of gender dynamics in order to get to more equitable, sustainable outcomes. Having transformative impact and moving forward the field of gender lens investing requires more than simply increasing representation within finance and directing more capital towards women; it requires addressing how power, privilege, and bias operate in systems of finance. The systemization of this approach has resulted in the Standards of Practice.

Criterion is developing over 200 Standards of Practice. This short set on Translation represents ways investors can shift how gender expertise is valued within certain financial processes, structures, and analyses. These standards illustrate ways investors can engage those with the capacity to articulate the relevance of contextualized gender patterns to different parts of the investment process, including identifying appropriate data and other inputs in ways that fit into existing investment processes.

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