March 25, 2021

Gender lens investing has become increasingly dominant within sustainable and impact investment approaches in Australia and globally over the last few years. The demand from asset owners for gender lens investing products has increased pressure on fund managers to build them. Finance organizations and intermediaries often lack the capacity to do the underlying analysis that would support a robust gender lens investing approach that integrates considerations of power dynamics, local context, and gender equality issues into decision-making processes. Gender organizations often lack the knowledge of systems of finance and the language to engage to be able to contribute to this analysis, and as such are not given the opportunity, creating an “analysis gap.” Organizations and individuals who can serve as “translators” between gender and finance will play a critical role in building the field. This brief focuses on translation at the intersection of gender and finance, including the role of translators and how the practice of translation can be cultivated to support the growing field of gender lens investing in achieving better outcomes.

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