All sectors enable given the multitude of types of gender-based violence, financing the reduction of gender-based violence is a complex endeavor that requires capital to be directed into multiple sectors. One sector is not privileged over another, because all sectors have different level(s) of exposure to different type(s) of gender-based violence. Collectively, sectors are encouraged to be transparent about the level(s) of exposure to different type(s) of gender-based violence that are facilitated by unique market conditions so that appropriate types of resources can be directed towards solving for these cause(s).
The roadmaps linked to this landing webpage showcase how to finance the reduction of gender-based violence from a primary perspective.
All forms of investment capital can be channeled in ways that address gender-based violence. Investors of all types can identify ways to use their capital to finance the reduction of gender-based violence, matching approaches to the context of the companies, sectors, and markets in which they invest. (e.g., geographical, sectoral, type of gender-based violence).
The roadmaps on this webpage illustrate ways in which types of capital can be used to finance the reduction of gender-based violence.


Cultural production plays a crucial role in shaping cultural norms and expectations relating to gender. Gender-based violence is rooted in the power imbalances that arise out of those norms and expectations. Increasing the amount of media and entertainment that portrays positive gender norms can play a role in reducing violence.

Direct investments in media companies that aim to change gender norms

Increasing the cultural power and influence of media and entertainment companies addressing the root causes of violence.

Audiences: Impact investors and gender lens investors

Type of capital: Private debt and private equity

Sector: Media/entertainment

Investment approach: Direct investing

Resources: Criterion will shortly publish a list of investable companies that are addressing gender-based violence, which includes media and entertainment companies addressing gender norms

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Entrepreneurs around the world are innovating on a range of violence prevention and safety apps and organizations. Many represent potential investment opportunities.

Addressing Gender-Based Violence through Direct Investments in the Safety Sector

Making direct investments into growth companies addressing gender-based violence in the safety sector to drive innovation.

Audience: Impact investors and impact investing fund managers

Type of violence: Sexual assault and harassment

Type of capital: Private equity and private debt

Sectors: Safety

Investment approach: Direct investing

Resources: Criterion Institute will shortly publish a more detailed guide on investing in the safety sector in order to address gender-based violence.

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Gender-based violence is material to infrastructure investments. Infrastructure projects designed without a gender lens can lead to unintended consequences, including higher rates of violence; at the same time, well-designed projects can decrease violence and help countries meet development objectives. Institutions can design their investment processes to incorporate a gender-based violence analysis and get to better outcomes.

Incorporating a Gender-Based Violence Lens in Development Finance Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks’ Infrastructure Investments

Influencing development finance institutions and multilateral development banks to recognize gender-based violence as material to their infrastructure investments’ processes and investment decision-making

Audiences: Development finance institutions and multilateral development banks

Types of violence: Sexual assault and sexual harassment

Assets of finance: Public debt and real assets

Sector: Infrastructure

Resources: Criterion Institute’s Mitigating the Risks of Gender-Based Violence: A Due Diligence Guide for Investing
Criterion Institute’s Process Metrices That Analyze Power Dynamics in Investing

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