We invite you to join us on a journey—an audio journey, to explore and expand how to use finance and investments as tools for transformative and equitable change in the world. Hosted by Criterion Institute’s founder Joy Anderson, episodes will include a variety of audio segments that can take many forms. Often these segments may comprise conversations with friends and co-workers or interviews with changemakers. At other times Joy may walk listeners through a framework or help us reframe a problem or narrative. And from time to time, they may even take the form of a famous Joy Anderson rant … our favorite!

As you tune in, you’ll often hear Joy discussing power dynamics and structural inequities at the intersection of gender, sexual orientation, race, faith, age, and many others. Conversations will also span the gamut of finance whether it’s impact investing, sustainable public equities, or municipal debt. She and her guests might dive into an infrastructure project or dip their toes into sovereign bonds.

If that sounds a little overwhelming, don’t worry. As Joy likes to say, systems of finance and investments are complex, often intentionally to exclude outsiders. That’s why Joy will use this podcast to break the systems of finance into their component parts and make them more easily understood, really get underneath the processes, structures, and analysis, so that we can put them back together in new ways to create more equitable outcomes.

Consider yourself invited to the Criterion Institute Podcast.