In this episode, Joy weaves together three segments around one core idea: “how do we design investment vehicles that work for the context in which they're investing?”. In the first segment, we’ll look at a slogan that Criterion has been playing with for a while — “fix the capital, not the company”. This segment expands on the idea that the capital should be designed to meet the needs of the companies rather than fixing the companies to meet the needs of the capital. This leads to the second segment which is focused on normal growth businesses and why we struggle to have enough investment vehicles that meet their needs. In general, women tend to build and grow normal growth businesses, so we’ll analyze the gender dynamics to why we are prioritizing high growth businesses. Finally, in the third segment, we look at how we solve for the ecosystem, not the enterprise. As an example, we’ll discuss the menstrual health market in the Pacific Islands. How can we invest to address the problems in the market that are shared by many enterprises? How can we invest in an ecosystem – in shifting the patterns and power dynamics in a particular market — in such a way that the enterprises are more likely to flourish.

Episode Segments

  • 00:35 - Intro
  • 04:04 - Why we need to fix the capital not the company
  • 10:11 - Normal growth businesses matter too  
  • 13:50 - Fixing the entire ecosystem not just a single enterprise

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