At Criterion, we mostly try to focus on positives: possibilities, solutions, insights for how things could work better. But sometimes we need to call out when things just aren’t working.

This episode is comprised of three rants about approaches to impact investing and gender lens investing which Criterion founder Joy Anderson believes are fundamentally limiting the positive impact these remarkable fields could have on the world.

The episode will explore:  

  • The role some of the big consulting firms played in building the field of gender lens investing and the lingering effects that’s had on who is able to engage, how expertise is valued, and what solutions are emerging;
  • The idea that impact investing should be entrepreneur centric and sector-agnostic; and  
  • Why Criterion is calling it quits on the business case for gender lens investing


Episode Segments

  • Intro  
  • The field that EY, Deloitte, and McKinsey built  
  • Sector-agnostic impact investing is not working
  • Calling it quits on proving the business case

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