Criterion is a systems change organization. We’ve been working with governments, investors, and civil society for over two decades to create systems change that reduces inequities, by using or changing systems of finance and investments. We have figured out a lot about how to do systems change works. But undergirding that is the assumption that systems can change. Even finance. Markets and monetary flows are often naturalized, described as if they happen with out any interventions… but the reality is these are systems that humans operate.  A gentle but important reminder that humans like us made this system up, so we can change it. We just need to believe it’s possible, and be willing to use our own power in the process.  

On this episode, we start by looking back to what teaching high school in Brooklyn New York taught Joy about systems change and continues to inform her 'Why’ at Criterion. Then, Joy unpacks why, in order to be able to reimagine systems of finance, you need to begin by breaking it down into its component parts – and a few places you might start. Finally, some reflections on a recent workshop Criterion did with WUSC in Kenya and who sees themselves as able (or unable) to change those systems.  

Episode Highlights:

  • 0:29 - Intro
  • 2:45 - Survive vs Change the System  
  • 5:14 - Breaking into component pieces  
  • 11:58 - Power and Parking Lots (referencing WUSC)

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