It’s no secret that the finance sector tends to undervalue and even demean non-financial expertise, in particular expertise on gender equality, social justice issues, and local context. This failure to embrace the value of diverse expertise reinforces biases in financial decision-making and has a direct impact on the outcomes of investments. This leads to overlooked opportunities, unseen and therefore unmitigated risks, and a wide range of unintended consequences.  

In this episode, Joy begins with a first-hand experience with this bias against gender expertise. She then interviews a very special guest, Dorothy Nyambi, CEO of Mennonite Economic Development Associates, about the value she brings to her role as an investor. Finally, she discusses Criterion’s approach to building bridges into the world of finance so that we can expand who sees themselves has having the power – and the extraordinarily valuable expertise – to truly change the financial system as we know it.

Episode Segments

  • Intro  
  • Layer Cake
  • Constructing an investor with Dr. Dorothy Nyambi
  • Building bridges and the power of invitation  

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