Today’s episode explores the power of relationships. Having relationships with people from different sectors, different disciplines, different countries, and different cultures can help us make sense of things we haven’t experienced ourselves. Hearing other’s experiences helps us to understand other worlds and the systems that drive them, and to make connections between ideas we may not see on our own.  

Our host, Joy Anderson, begins today’s episode with a discussion of how all relationships begin with an invitation. Then she shares stories of a long-time friend, colleague, and master of relationships, Suzanne Biegel, and how she uses her power to tell the stories of diverse entrepreneurs and fund managers, ensuring those stories reflect the extraordinary value those actors bring to the finance sector and the world at large. The episode ends with a reflection on how we all have the power to choose the stories we tell.

Episode Segments

  • Intro  
  • Relationships begin with an invitation
  • Suzanne Biegel’s hospitality
  • Choosing what story you tell  

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