In this episode, Joy Anderson and Teresa Wells discuss systemic risk in finance and the need for different choices to address it. They explore the evolving understanding of risk in investment decisions, the short-termism of financial decision-making, and the challenges with benchmarking. They also emphasize the importance of better data to identify systemic risks and the role of indexes in driving investment decisions. The conversation concludes with a discussion on representation versus equity in leadership, and using retention as a metric for companies that are good for women and diverse gender identities.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 03:49 - Systemic Risk in Finance
  • 06:12 - Short-Termism in Financial Decision-Making
  • 08:04 - Challenges with Benchmarking
  • 10:00 - Long-Term Investing and Valuation
  • 14:22 - Data and Systemic Risks
  • 22:20 - Using Data to Drive Investment Decisions
  • 26:27 - Organizational Systems Change
  • 29:58 - Retention as a metric and leadership
  • 33:44 - Conclusion

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