In this episode, Joy Anderson explores strategies for building movements and the tension between going broad and going deep. She discusses the concept of preaching to the choir and the importance of engaging with new audiences while also supporting those already doing the work. Sana Kapadia then joins Joy in conversation about working within mainstream systems and the balance between incremental progress and transformative change. Finally, in the "Practices" section, Joy looks at the cost of excitement and the responsibility of follow-through. The episode emphasizes the need for power analysis, resilience, hope, and collaboration in advancing meaningful impact.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:27 - Introduction
  • 03:55 - Preaching to the choir
  • 10:43 - Interview with Sana - Balancing Broad and Deep Strategies
  • 21:39 - Power Analysis, Resilience, Hope, and Collaboration in Advancing Impact
  • 24:55 - Practices - The cost of excitement

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