This episode begins with a reflection on the inception of Convergence, highlighting its origins as a space for transformative dialogue. Convergence is a series of hour-and-a-half-long conversations that bring together people from different fields to discuss topics related to impact investing, development finance, grassroots activism, and social justice campaigns.

Then Sana Kapadia shares her experiences of Convergence, emphasizing its role in fostering meaningful conversations among diverse stakeholders. Finally, in the Practices section, Joy explores the significance of scripted acknowledgments at the beginning of each conversation, which set the tone for inclusive and respectful dialogue.

Episode Highlights

  • 00:28 - Introduction
  • 02:45 - The birth of Convergence
  • 06:59 - Interview with Sana Kapadia
  • 17:13 - Practices: Scripted Acknowledgments  

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