In this episode, we explore imagining alternative futures and thinking through the contingencies in those futures.  

The first segment broadly introduces the importance of imagining alternative futures for gender as investors. As investors, we constantly are imagining what might happen in the future, what might change, but around issues of gender and social structures, in general, most investors assume that constructions of gender and context gender norms are static and she’ll explain why that’s not true.

In the second segment, Joy tells a classic story about a moment where she was giving a speech and she was called Pollyanna because she was imagining a future without gender-based violence.  

The third segment is a conversation with Joy's father, Herbert Anderson, a theologian. They'll explore how much Joy learned from him. This conversation builds on the theme of alternative futures by digging into why we resist planning for contingencies.  

Episode Segments

  • 0:34 – Intro
  • 2:28 – We need a future
  • 9:19 – Pollyanna
  • 10:54 – Contingency


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