In this episode, we’ll revisit a conversation Joy had with two amazing leaders in the field of sustainable finance back in September of 2021. They were simply recording a series of context sessions in advance of a conference on using finance to address gender-based violence with Daniella Jaramillo, who is at the time at HESTA, a superannuation fund or pension fund in Australia and Geeta Aiyer, one of the founders of the field of sustainable finance, the founder of Boston Common. The three have a conversation about why the future matters in finance. It dives into specific investment methodologies for being able to name potential futures that can affect the value of our investments and how we determine their materiality – and why so often we get the future wrong.  

Episode Segments

  • 0:34 – Intro
  • 3:25 – Why does future matter so much in finance?
  • 10:06 – Who are the people that are determining confidence? How are their own biases impacting their ability to truly capture a real idea of the future?
  • 21:03 – What’s happening with the way we look at the future?
  • 37:23 – What is the future that we’re creating indicators against?


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