This is the first of many episodes around knowledge and power.  

In the first segment, Joy reflects on a story when she was fundraising for good capital and a VC put her and her knowledge in its place.

In the second segment Joy has a conversation with Dorothy Nyambi, Executive Director of MEDA, an international NGO that works in investing and shifting the north/south power dynamics. They talk about the power dynamics around the “localization” trends. Dorothy names that it’s not just about shifting the location of your headquarters and hiring local teams, but it’s shifting whose knowledge is valued, and who has power in decision-making.

In the last segment, Joy tells a story from when she taught high school and what she learned from a student about alienation and the performance of knowledge. It’s called the weight of history and it’s about a history book.  

Each of these names the bias and privilege operating day to day in what and, more importantly, whose knowledge counts.

Episode Segments

  • 0:34 – Intro
  • 2:11 – Your experienced, I'm opinionated.
  • 6:11 – True localization is about shifting power.
  • 17:30 – Weight of History


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