There is a common belief that, when we are creating something, we need to know specifically what to look for and how it will contribute to our end creation. In this episode, our host Joy Anderson flips that assumption on its head and focuses instead on the possibilities that can emerge when we allow ourselves to “wander around looking for nothing in particular.”  

The first segment discusses how this concept can benefit the field of innovative finance as we seek to improve the ways in which we identify how a variety of social, racial, and gender issues connect to finance. The second segment illustrate this concept in action, drawing from an anecdote in which a chance meeting with a scholar conducting research in Rwanda surfaced insights on how to solve challenges in the US healthcare system.  

Finally, the episode welcomes special guest Herbert Anderson, an influential theologian (and Joy’s father), who will discuss wonder and offer tips on how it can lead to curiosity that can, in turn, help each of us unlock new possibilities in our world.  

Episode Segments:

  • Intro  
  • Wandering around looking for nothing in particular 
  • Discovering the Cash Market  
  • Wonder (with Herbert Anderson) 

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