What if, when we think about finance for social change, we didn’t think solely about the amount of money we can move to a certain impact goal? What if we focused instead on HOW that money moves and who holds the power to influence financial design and decision-making processes?  

This episode discusses five strategies Criterion has developed to equip social change leaders across sectors and industries to better understand the role they can play in using or changing the financial system to create transformative social change.   

These strategies form the basis of Criterion signature TOOLKIT training, which over the years we’ve delivered to thousands of social change leaders across six continents. The strategies also appear in our Blueprints for Using Finance for Social Change and our recent report on “Fostering a Feminist Financial Imagination.” Future episodes will explore the application of these strategies to a variety of contexts.  

Episode Segments  

  • Intro  
  • Five strategies for using finance for social change

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